Bio of Michael Holmes - Founder

“Clark County Fire Captain vows to recruit firefighters who reflect the city’s diversity” – Kyndell Kim (News 3 Las Vegas)

Michael Holmes came from humble beginnings. At 16, his father passed away, and Michael wasn’t sure where his future might lead. There were many roads he could’ve taken, but by the age of 17, a group of distinguished gentlemen intervened and changed his life. Mr. Holmes says that’s when he was adopted by the Professional Black Firefighters of Clark County. He tells the story of how these honest, sincere, and trustworthy men guided him through the hiring process and helped him to achieve the career that he continues to enjoy today.

Thirty-four years later, Michael Holmes is a husband, father, and an experienced and decorated firefighter. Now, he has spent most of his life taking care of his family, fighting fires, saving lives, and working to promote his brand, Black Firefighter Culture. As an African American firefighter, Michael has lived an extraordinary life. This life has led him down a path towards sharing his story and the stories of his brothers, who also dedicate their lives towards fighting fires, serving their community, and protecting and saving lives.

Black Firefighter Culture (BFFC) is a brand dedicated explicitly to promoting the lifestyles of an African-American firefighter. Early on and through his career, Michael noticed no authentic quality merchandise and apparel representing black firefighters. Through BFC, Michael works to connect with those who have experienced the life of an African-American firefighter and ensure that they always have a trusted apparel provider who understands their perspective.

After being in the apparel and merchandising industry for 15 years, Mr. Holmes developed a deeper understanding and became an expert in this niche. Today, he focuses on making Black Firefighter Culture become a global name so that he can help to connect the African-American community with apparel that proudly represents who they are.

For Michael, his brand isn’t just a business – it is truly a lifestyle. Nothing is more important than ensuring that his story and the stories of his men and women are shared, heard, and listened to worldwide. By promoting his brand, designing and producing attractive apparel and accessories, and remaining steadfast in his dedication to his local community, Michael quickly takes Black Firefighter Culture to a new level.

For Michael and Black Firefighter Culture, the wise words of Mohandas Gandhi stand true, “Wealth is not new. Neither is charity. But the idea of using private wealth imaginatively, constructively, and systematically to attack the fundamental problems of mankind is new.” With this in mind, Michael created his non-profit organization “Servant Plus LV.” Serve & Plus is the non-profit sister organization of Black Firefighter Culture. This organization works in tandem with Black Firefighter Culture because Mr. Holmes wants to ensure that black firefighters are recognized and allowed to serve in the industry equally. Serve & Plus empowers BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) men and women with the resources and knowledge to achieve their dreams to become firefighters to create more inclusivity, equality, and diversity within the industry.

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Whether in his home city of Las Vegas, nationally or worldwide, Michael is continuously dedicated to bringing awareness, insight, education, and training to the next generations to come.